Okinawa Prefectural Museum & Art Museum


Our museum exhibition schedule from 2014 to 2015 is as follows.

The Power of Sanshin― Its Beautiful Shape and Inspiring Sound
2014, 2/18-5/11
Okinawa Prefecture has twenty Sanshins that are designated as an Okinawa Prefectural government’s treasure. The Sanshin is known as a main tradition instrument that has been inspiring Okinawans lives. A generation-to-generation, the Sanshin has been inspiring their lives in the event of weddings and festivals. The people in Okinawa have loved Sanshin as an art-craft, a musical instrument, and a treasure since Kingdom

Museum Collections at 2013
2014, 5/23-6/22
Our museum collections at 2013 are exhibited in this term.

Omine Collection
2014, 9/19-10/19
In this exhibition, we introduce collections of Mr. Kaoru Omine which contain masterpieces of Okinawan arts and crafts.

Kuninda, a transverse bridge between Ryukyu and China: The 100th anniversary commemoration of Kume-Sosei-Kai.
2014, 9/12-10/19
Kuninda (Kume-mura) was a China town in Ryukyu Kingdom. Kuninda people served the Kingdom and bore diplomacy with China. In this exhibition, we introduce the history of Kuninda and activities of Kuninda people through historical remains.

Underwater cultural heritages in Okinawa; historical records which sank in the sea
2014, 11/8-2015, 1/18
More than 200 underwater cultural heritages are known in Okinawa and they started to tell us unwritten histories of hundreds years ago. We introduce the charm and possibility of underwater cultural heritage through a sunken ship or underwater remains.

Pigs and humans
2015, 2/3-3/15
Pig is the most familiar animal to Okinawan people from a long time ago. In this exhibition, we introduce historical relations between pig and humans.