Okinawa Prefectural Museum & Art Museum


Our museum exhibition schedule from 2015 to 2016 is as follows.

“Furoshiki (Wrapping cloth)” Exhibistion
From 4/28, 2015 to 6/14, 2015
In Japan, “Furoshiki” cloth has been used to wrap something like a baggage to transport. Also “Furoshiki” was decorated by various techniques like “Bingata” or some other Dyeing method. We will introduce skilled techniques used for “Furoshiki” and their beauty in this exhibition.

Special Exhibition: Traditions and history of Okinawan funerals and tombs
From 9/25, 2015 to 11/23, 2015
Okinawan people has developed unique methods in relation to funerals and tombs like “Fuso”(aerial sepulture) or “Kameko-Baka” (turtle-like tomb). In this exhibition, we will display the history and customs about Okinawan funerals and tombs.

Museum Collections at 2014
From 12/8, 2015 to 1/10, 2016
Our museum collections at 2014 will be exhibited in this term.

Omine Collection
From 12/17, 2015 to 1/31, 2016
Mr. Kaoru Omine was well known antique collector in Okinawa. In this exhibition, we will introduce his collections which contain masterpieces of Okinawan arts and crafts.

Exhibition of atmosphere and weather
From 1/26, 2016 to 3/6, 2016